Would you like to create a profitable online business within the next 60 days? And most importantly… with your own product creation? I thought it may not be possible since it takes a lot of work to create a quality product and market it effectively until I came across Abundant Info Marketer…

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What is Abundant Info-Marketer?

The Abundant Info Marketer by Dharma Rose is a 8 step training program that will teach you how to build an abundant work from anywhere internet business from scratch within the next 60 days. This course is suitable for people without any technical skills or have never made money online before.

Why do I love this program?

Abundant Info Marketer

I like the pillars which are inculcated into this program. It not only teaches me how to build a business, it shares with me how to live my life as well.

Here are the 5 pillars:

#1 Passion

Success is not all about money, it is about the quality of life. When I enjoy what I am doing and knowing what I am doing will add a positive impact to people in some way, it makes my life more fulfilling. In fact, this is the secret to making money.

#2 Authenticity

I treat others the way I want to be treated. I create insuring informational products with authenticity and honesty, coming from a place of service. When I focus on serving others, the money just flows to me.

#3 Continuous Abundance

Instead of being distracted by the latest unproven internet marketing strategies, I only put my effort into strategies that are proven to work time and time again. This will increase my odds of success.

#4 Freedom

Freedom is the most precious commodity in the world. I will learn how to automate my business as much as humanly possible so that I can serve my customers and make an impact in their lives 24/7 regardless of where I am.

#5 Community

I will have the opportunity to surround myself with people who will encourage each other and support me when I need it.

It teaches me how to create a business that is in alignment with my passion, talents and unique gifts. This is something that is lacking in most online business programs out there.

The course is structured in a very easy to follow manner so that I will not get confused along the way. I really like the idea of having a homework checklist at the end of every module since it allows me to stay on track and monitor my progress.

I do not need any special technical skills or prior experience to get started in this program.

Most importantly, it teaches me how to program my mind for success instead of failure.

What’s inside the program?

Please go to 0:30 of this video to view the member’s area.


Here is an overview of what’s covered in each step:

Module 1: Eliminate limiting beliefs & take on a success mindset

Module 2: Identify which of your passions have moneymaking potential online

Module 3: Create your own info-product around your passions (and also how to outsource this)

Module 4: Write your sales copy (and also how to outsource this)

Module 5: Build your sales funnel using WordPress, OptimizePress & AWeber

Module 6: Advanced “increase-your-income” strategies (blogging, creating an “experts interview series,” upsells)

Module 7: Free traffic strategies (how to connect with quality affiliates and get them to mail for you)

Module 8: Paid traffic strategies (Facebook advertising basics & solo ad secrets)

Who is this program for?

For anyone who is committed to learn how to build a sustainable and profitable online business from scratch by creating their own product line.

Most importantly, you do not need any technical skills or prior experience to get started.

Finally, it is also suitable for people who would like to create another stream of income by having their own product instead of promoting others. Check out this quiz to identify your success block before you can try out Abundant Info Marketer.

Here’s to your online success!


Reviewed on 6 Aug 2014