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This week’s awesome quote is by Dr. David Hawkins. It is a very interesting quote that is somewhat descriptive of the Law of Attraction.

Read it and share with me your thoughts. 🙂


Everybody is like a magnet. You attract to yourself reflections of that which you are. If you’re friendly, then everybody else seems to be friendly too.

+ Dr. David Hawkins: Physician, spiritual teacher, and lecturer +


My Thoughts:

I totally agree with Dr. David Hawkins. We are just like magnets. We will attract people who are similar to our reflections all the time. I used to be a very neutral person when it comes to any situations in life. However, after reading lots of self improvement books, listening to audio recordings and associating with positive people, I have changed to become a more positive person. All of a sudden, my family members have become more positive as well.

Therefore, my biggest takeaway from this quote is to change myself to become the person that I want to be before trying to change others. When I change myself to become a more positive person, I will attract people who are positive into my life as well.

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